Here you will find updates, news and the latest schedules for WestWay Training Facility:

10/26/09  Mike and Ashley competed in the 10/24/09 RSF Ranch Sorting Futurity in Purcell, OK.  It was a very good turnout with over 20 entries in each age division (3 & 4 year old).  Mike showed:  Shooter Dunnit & Smart Cotton Lena.  Ashley showed in the gate on Freckles Golden Mist.

Shooter Dunnit took 5th and Smart Cotton Lena took 11th.  Both horses were working REALLY well and we were very pleased with the whole day.  We had a blast and can't wait for next year!

10/16/09  October is turning out to be a wonderful month!  The weather has been a bit too rainy, but now it is just perfect.  We are gearing up for the futurity on 10/24/09 in Purcell, OK.  We have two 3 year olds entered and we are ready to go. 

We also picked up a horse that Ashley has been eyeing for over a year.   We purchased Twix from HS Performance horses at the beginning of the month and we are over the moon for this little two year old.  He measures well for cattle work and he is quite smart.  We will start him under saddle this winter and cannot wait to see how he does.

Chilli is doing great under saddle and is a really quiet horse.  He is turning into a very sweet young gelding.  He is going to be a very nice overall gelding and I think will show some nice expression on cattle as well.  He already loves to work them through the fence at turnout time.

9/20/09  Well, the cold weather is on the way and things are as busy as ever here at WestWay!  We are still preparing for the October Futurity (see 8/12 update for info.).  We recently aquired a flag to introduce the horses to the concept of body placement and movement on a cow.  We are pleased to have yet another training tool to offer here at WestWay.  We will continue to work to improve our facility and program.

8/12/09  Well, we are doing well at WestWay and summer is in full swing!  Otis is growing like a weed and will be weaned at the end of the month.  The horses are doing well and we are looking forward to the Ranch Sorting Futurities 3/4 year old Futurity coming up in October.  Visit for more information on it. 

Tank is growing into a beautiful and promising filly.  We are so excited to start her in the late fall.

Chilli is also growing up and will be starting early fall.  He is getting really handsome and we can't wait to get started on him.

5/12/09  Update on Otis.  Momma took Otis the second day she was here.  We found her issues to be desensitizing issues with being touched on the legs.  She did not understand when Otis touched her legs and was kicking out at him for that.  We desensitized her legs with water/ropes/touch and she took the colt straightaway.  He and momma are doing great and he is growing like a weed.  We believe he will be a palomino! 

5/09/09  We are so happy to hear from Belinda Vanzant that Zaneyevee has now qualified for the AQHA worlds sorting in the Open and Amateur classes.   CONGRATULATIONS BELINDA AND ZANEYEVEE!

4/23/09  We had a wonderful time at the Jim Little Cattle Co. Colt Works / Practice / Jackpot.  We won the jackpot on Maverick and Fenix and Mike took 2nd in the Colt Works on Maverick and third on Smart Cotton Lena (a mare we started last year and are currently grooming for the October Ranch Sorting Futurity).

3/16/08  We would like to welcome our new colt Tuff to the ranch.  Tuff is 2 days old and having trouble getting momma to accept him.  We are working with them to get them synced up.  He is a Palomino Colonel Freckles, Freckles playboy, Jewel Leo Bars & Docs Hickory colt.

1/01/09  We would like to congratulate Vanzant Ranch Sorting on their purchase of Zaneyevee.  We think they will be a great fit.

12/06/08 Mike will be competing at the AQHA Team Sorting in Purcell OK on Dec. 6th.  Come out and see us!
   Update:  Mike and Zaneyvee took 3rd in the AQHA Open Sort in Purcell,  one point closer to her goal of  a worlds qualification.  Update:  Zaneyevee took 6th in the 2000 AQHA worlds show Open Sorting!

11/13/08 Mike and I are pleased to announce our purchase of Tee J Lil Starlight from  TeeJay Quarter Horses formerly owned Jackie Bee and continues to breed and promote his line.  We are very excited about this little filly's future.

11/8/08 Mike and Ashley West will be at the RSNC Ranch Sorting in Chicasha OK.  See the RSNC website (see links page) for more information. Update:  Mike and Maverick took 7th of 26 teams in the AQHA Open Sort.

The Corridor Magazine interviews Mike and Ashley about WestWay.   See our article in The Corridor Magazine here.

12/29/08 - 1/3/09
We are thrilled to be training and fitting the stud Go Lucky Vegas for the Oklahoma Holiday Classic

WestWay Training Facility will be giving a short training demonstration at the Ashland Farms Yearly Fall event.  We are looking forward to having a wonderful time there this year.

The Corridor Magazine interviews Mike and Ashley about WestWay.

The Corridor Magazine has decided to do an interview with us and we are so excited.  We had such a wonderful time meeting Larry and Sarah Maddox who interviewed and photographed us.  We will be in the November issue.

We have finally gotten our indoor pen ready and the cattle are here.   We are looking forward to working in the new pen.

RSNC Futurity
OKC State Fair

Mavs Jewel Janena (Maverick) will be competing in the 3 year old class.  We have worked him as much as we can and are really optimistic about his performance.

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